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Acer Predator Triton 300 – Gaming Laptop Review 2020

I have a chance to get a quick hands-on with a new 2020, a Predator Triton 300 with very serious upgrades including the RT X2070 Max Q graphics with Intel 10th Gems processor card. Also with a 144 or 240 Hz screen and apparently a new cooling design inspired by the owl, so it’s a Trident 300 and weighs a lot less than I thought it would. I’m being silly if you did my Swift saw.

I had to give it back and I film it after testing it, so I’m talking thin now Am air but i shot tons of b-rolls. I tested it a few games right so when i still give you the first raid of its kind and do a quick hands-on with the tri 300, but you You may have to use your imagination for these shots.

Triton 300

The Triton 300 is one of the more affordable upper mid-range gaming laptops to come up over the aces with the new Nitro 7 and updated Helios 300, but the Triton is the ultimate for all SSD designs.

Provides knowledge while a slightly larger Helios a SSD and hard drive setup 240 Hz screen with a beefier cooling solution and three millisecond response times is great.

Dive into the specs and we now get up to i7 10 750 H, the Intel 10th gen H-series processor, which is a six core 12th red chip that can be expanded to five GHz, so 1650K 1660K TI 1650 K has the option of four new GPUs. RT X2060 and then the top spec RT X2070 max Q You can also imagine it with up to 32 GHz of RAM and it comes with an nvme SSD and room for two more M2 SATA drives for connectivity giving us the same. USB 3.1 is available.

The Type C3 USB 3.2 hits Taipei’s Ethernet like a mini DisplayPort and HDMI, and like this time last year, we’re getting Wi-Fi 6 as well as a one-button GPU overclocking, which I return in a second.

It all comes down to pricing and tumulus in Trident’s past series. While I say that relatively inexpensive ones have not always been the best value and now more than ever they are in some serious competition, I have recently had MSI laptops.

The reviewed RT X2060 packs in for about a thousand dollars so that the fact that the new Triton 300 range starts at $ 1300 to 1200 pounds, though right now when I am filming it I have pricing for the entire lineup Not confirmed, but I’ll put it into details when I’m sure I know, but straight up the ingaths are a bit challenging when it comes to value for money, I guess, but let’s get the price up.

Let’s put in a second and talk about this design which really hasn’t changed much and it’s still a mistake especially a gaming laptop with this predator branding on the lid, but only 2 centimeters or At minus 70 inches thick and weighing just 2.1 kilograms or 4.6 pounds, it is actually amazingly It is clear to be portable it is a marketing version as opposed to a full version.

The Al Retail model however is a very good indicator of what we can expect and as you can see the screen has a bit of flex which seems a bit cheap but again I think it makes the backpack much less likely to break.

Or as you drag it all over the room and ragwit position for the screen, it’s a 15-inch 1080p panel with 144 hubs refreshed and a new option for Hertz now entirely for Hertz. Will definitely cost more and I think most of us 144 are still the better choice because you don’t forget to take full advantage of it, you have to get 144 or 240 fps in your game.


Now I get really annoyed by the exact performance. Talking about statistics is not allowed but here in my unit this is the 2017 maximum Q and if you look at other machines with similar setups that should give you some idea, I did a duty warzone for about an hour.

Played Overwatch and Call and it was as comfortable as you gave the specs. But all I can say right now being RT X CarT is that GPU also supports ray tracing and DL SS 2.0, which is really very useful these days and it doesn’t completely destroy the way you frame.

Is as is done with upgraded CPUs and certainly the new GPU is really powerful enough to become a pretty capable content editing laptop that produces content like that which says that in real life content creation isn’t Knows that it will be very powerful for video editing, although it certainly takes into consideration, while hundreds and sRGB are in pretty decent color accuracy and mice test Adobe or P3 gamut so I don’t think they’ll be high enough so I’m sure I wouldn’t like the best screen to edit, but definitely got a display that now the Tritons have the best features which I think it’s the Turbo Button and also the Predator Odor Control Software you can The time can hit the turbo and it can be between 150 and 200 automatically.


Will overclock the GPU. The megahertz predator spirit also gives you overclock fan speed and RGB keyboard lighting control and allows you to monito.

Temperature and clock speed start and how exactly is the figure of the hour in this well Asu. They have improved cooling Tritons by adding an extra copper heat pipe and one of the two cooling fans is Aces Fourth Gene AeroBlade 3D metal fan Where the fringing edges of the fan edges are serrated to reduce noise, like the owl’s wing obviously does, so yes now the owl is trying 300 with the technique saying that the turbo pushes , With it some pretty intrusive fan noise.


The headphones work well on it on the keyboard, although it is backlit with the RGB zone and feels comfortable to type and you know the WASD keys. Playing games with the touch pad is also a decent size and felt very sensitive, it is actually off-center.

Although, at first it seemed a bit weird, but I got used to it, but it still feels a bit weird, However, most of the time you might want to use it with a mouse anyway and with the Triton 300 available Let’s pretend it’s too far, but we customers have to wait until September, so the first impression is well it’s a kind of upgrade in terms of performance.

Design is exactly the same

The design is exactly the same and hopefully the new cooling technology makes things good. Kind of and well put, but as I said before it all comes down to pricing starting at 1200 pounds or $ 1,300, I think it’s relatively inexpensive but we’ll have to see how expensive it is Let’s imagine it with a 20 70 or 245 screen. I also want to see an AMD version.

With the version you know 48 or 4900 CPU, we’ve seen that in the Observer SG14 and while in this big chassis very hot. There were aces with new cooling which could be a really nice chip, but as I say we are stuck now.

As with they have stuck with it with a great processor, but we have Intel 10th gen chips which is perfectly fine. It all really comes down to the graphics card anyway when it comes to gaming performance Comes, but what do you do about the Trend 300 and are you thinking about buying a new gaming laptop anytime soon. Let me know in the comments .


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