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Apple iPhone 12 Without Charger?

What people are doing today, I am here that is fine, so it has been rumored that the iPhone 12 is being confirmed on some different levels by some pretty reliable sources, with the charger or headphones in the box when it comes out in September Should not come along.

To be clear now this year I think there are even more interesting rumors about the iPhone 12 that are rolling out right now, but it is the one that has received the most interesting responses because it is polarizing in one way or the other.

And I don’t usually do that, but I want them to believe that this rumor is true because I want to go to those two different responses because they are very attractive to me right now so response number one is what Probably the first one that has popped up in your head which is iPhones that are not going to ship with a charger that sounds ridiculous as if it is ridiculous that is even ridiculous to Apple’s level as if We’ve had them do some pretty out-of-question questions in the past.

After getting rid of all kinds of things like the headphone jack, laptop port position and even maybe the headphones in the box we can understand that the charging cable and the power brick are the only ones.

The kind of essential accessories that you have. One is in a box like shipping a car with no wheels or like a computer with no power cable.

I don’t know that it’s just ridiculous that you can buy something particularly expensive and have some batteries out of the box.

Make sure You can use it and set it up but then as soon as it dies you have to spend extra to get it working again so alternatively it looks like it’s just removing pure greed from the box Which has always been a classic.

Apple is creating a problem and then selling you a solution that will probably cost another 20 30 bucks to get that charger.

After you need it really I think I said the same on Twitter, but I was like I don’t think we’ve ever seen a phone ship without a charger in the box before, I think Don’t think we’ve ever seen that four is necessary, but then here’s response number two.

Yeah whatever the case – really good. The iPhone doesn’t really need to ship with the charger, now already about five different -There are different chargers that are sitting in most houses anyway and hey when I get a new phone, the things I usually leave in the box are the paperwork and then the default headphones and chargers because I have my own.

No, everyone’s status is obvious, but the thing is that most people who buy an iPhone already have an iPhone.

The charger is as good as they were going to include in the box anyway, but its The latter would be a really big article on the scale of iPhones which is huge e-waste savings.

I had already tweeted by Dieter that this is the link below where they go in-depth about this, but basically they talk with the CEO of Anchor who notes that the chargers are manufactured in boxes that people Throws which are a huge source of e-waste and if you also include smartphones and tablets and laptops and power drills that basically throw all these built-in chargers when you probably get 300,000 tons of e-waste every year Looking at 300,000 tonnes of waste per ton, iPhone shipping without a power brick, which most people already own is a very big part, is just the fact and then you know what to take it a step further Efficiency is found, because now instead of having to ship phones and earpods and chargers in the box, all you really have to do is ship the phone to people and a little bit that paperwork and iPhones box is already in the industry year after year in small boxes Is one, but can get rid of those stuffs.

Basically cut the footprint in half, making it one of the smallest meanings that they Trucks and can fit on every plane and again on that scale, which means the real environmental impact and that means that Apple is our thinnest box on how to be right.

So I know what would happen if this was a better smartphone world, if Apple turned off the charger properly then in reality my take is somewhere between these two places because it is much more granular than that.

Obviously if they just take out the charger from the box which is good which just seems like a negative, but there are some other things that can happen at the same time.

It’s very dynamic if they are able to adjust. The price of the iPhone is naturally one of the most popular responses – they are not going to ship it with chargers and headphones.

Well then you won’t charge a better price than me because the phone came with things like we see here A typical basic charger on Amazon right now will cost around 15 rupees with a brick which is equivalent to an Apple ship, so you charge 15 rupees for the price of the iPhone. Now you are at nine hundred and eighty five and then one of the headphones in the box Typical original pair.

If you really try to get it from Apple, they will charge you 30 rupees, obviously they are not worth it, but go ahead to the argument and get 30 more rupees for the iPhone price.

now you are down to 955 if you are wondering what Apple can do when you see that maybe you I think they would just round it back to a thousand, so how many customers were we who were at 950 that we wouldn’t do that at a thousand that many are right but then not.

Apple has reduced the price of iPhone before iPhone 11, which you might not remember but recently iPhone 10 has been launched for Rs 75000, so next year iPhone 11 is launched at 70000, so for this one For example, Apple has lowered the price before the iPhone and then I think it would be a bit more tolerable if they also offer on top that is a discount for those looking for newly added headphones or a new charging brick.

Want to add back to the purchase of your new iPhone. It would be more like shipping a camera without a lens and if you’ve ever bought a DSLR you know most of them by ship without a lens, regardless of the camera.

The lens is an essential accessory to be useful and this is because most people who buy it already have the lenses they are going to use or if they do not they can get a discount on a basic kit lens Is that you can come up with to start with like Apple can offer a discount on a basic basic charger that they include iPhone.

You know just like the people who already have five or six fancy lenses that they are going to use with the new DSLR, there are people who are going to buy new iPhones, who already have more than one There are good chargers that ship with Apple’s box for example like a fast charger or wireless charger, so that those people don’t need kit lenses in the DSLR box and those don’t need a built-in slow charger.

They’re just gonna throw the iPhone and the box wasted in the iPhone so yeah it’s really cuz it’s at the end of the day.

I think the most interesting part of it is how Apple spins it because you know the people of Apple Always sitting around waiting to see what Apple has to do and what not to do is also a question for people waiting to write positive headlines that we’ve seen Apple basically being one for years. Master operates the class and the way people view their products through different lenses, so how do they do it like we Saw th e headphone jack.

A few years ago it was one of those things where it seemed so ridiculous that Apple was going to get rid of it like a simple little super useful port and even today there are people who think it’s ridiculous but just a year or two.

Later these major companies were mocking them for this because they were all copying them and now today it is difficult to find a phone with a headphone jack that is comparable to the iPhone not saying it is good or bad. But it’s a very similar situation, so I think there are two ways that this could be number one, Apple doesn’t say anything about it, they don’t even mention it on the forum, they talk about it Not that the way they are trying to escape is another pro stand moment on stage.

The VESA Mount Adapter will be $ 1.99 and like the Pro Stand $ 9.99 and Mac Pro they’ll all be available this fall such as who would like to say again that there is no charger in the box so they don’t talk about it all to ship.

And then it is slowly exposed by customers and then you probably start to see that Apple has not made any mention of why it is that I think number two is actually I am more likely, I think, that they look at it directly from the environment, and this is something that is not noticed by everyone.

I don’t know if you’ve seen every keynote speaker, but recently Apple every time they unveil a new hardware product, there will always be a slide about how environmentally friendly they are saying That their manufacturing process is always right before every year.

They arrive at a price that they always show this slide so you can really bend them to see that you are going to the next level and the box includes unnecessary chargers and cables.

Are not and save thousands of tons of e-waste in a year. During this type of process, you can see Apple bloggers defending them by saying that right now if Apple really takes care of you completely deeply, then you know that the environmental impact they can provide better user repair Will support or make iPhone USB Type-C a crazy idea here.

No need for two different types of chargers every time, but you know this is probably a completely different video, but this is my guess as to how I think Apple won’t be able to shipping the spin Cessory.

The only one that they have always shipped with the iPhone is the one really necessary to use with the phone this year.

Now a last point made in an article by mg Siegler is also linked to the case below. Why didn’t they do it this year or why are they picking up the year to infect the iPhone for not having a charger, it’s just a greedy 2020 trick. It’s a margin thing.

The new iPhone will cost 5g more so they A way is needed to make those margins. What about this year and I think the answer might also include whether the next one is the iPhone 12s or 13 whatever the 2021 expires in it. It is rumored that there is no port at all.

It is rumored to be a complete port list. No power USB C no port All wireless i Phone and so it could be a trick from just a year ago to get people used to the idea of ​​not having a charger in the box to have an incredibly premium port list iPhone next year.

Apple’s goal is to think about something in advance about what they ultimately use, but either way it’s all a rumor that we’re talking about it like I said I’m usually big about it.

Doesn’t speak on a scale that may not even happen but this is something I’m going to pay attention to and maybe you can let your thoughts down that you think will come again this year Should Apple’s move to the iPhone, will they spin it.

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