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Asus Best Gaming Laptop Review

Ok, so asus has a line of gaming laptops, called rog zephyrus laptops and they are like premium laptops from premium laptops to asus which is the thinnest performance lighter stuff that is best made it is their flagship stuff.

Is like rog zephyrus duo zephyrus m15 and s15 And I was originally going to do a video on each of these, but then I thought there was a lot of stuff in between them that I like and I thought I would go for my super duper mega laptop I’ll do the video and just cover them all at once, so I’m gonna start with this one because it’s uh I previewed this device like I liked an engineering sample a few months back but this one Was the device that really wanted to use it as my primary machine.

Or was it going to be xps 17 different devices, but you’ll see why this is a really good implementation of a secondary screen and this screen is horrible. It’s really No matter what you are doing. If you are playing games or bros.Init Reddit or video production.

Music Production

Music production does not really matter because having more screens like this is always a good thing and the reason for the tilt. Than other implementations of secondary screen on laptop now Much more useful is such a screen that they have to drop everything down and the keyboard is in this lower position, I don’t mind the ergonomic change because there’s no more palm left than that.

You have an optional palm rest that’s It comes right here and it has a slot in front of it. It doesn’t attach magnetically or anything that’s like this piece of rubber. It’s comfortable.

I don’t really need it but the one thing I like this keyboard What’s not to like about this is because your hands are forced to move farther away, now you’re normally eight nine inches away from the screen as if this laptop doesn’t have this configuration like that I am showing normally, to show that your hands are going to be like the laptop right here but because of that they are here so you just sit back and forth a little bit and because of that sitting position it is a 15 inch screen becomes like a 13 or 14 inch screen just because everything is a little smaller because it Is further away and I don’t think there is any way around it that.

Zephyrus Duo 

I think if you’re going to use the Zephyrus Duo then you have to be comfortable with sitting away from the screen because normally the keyboard itself would be fine. Really am. The way it types the layout is good and even though the trackpad has shifted to the right, it is a perfectly fine trackpad, but this is just the situation that you guys should know if you like this kind of money.

The rest of this machine is going to leave the um. It’s good. I’m not going into thermal performance until the very end. I won’t talk about the thermal design of all these things, but this machine is equipped with an rtx 2080 Has super max q and 8 core cpu is locked from un intel, it has 32 ghz ram two ssds but only a single slot of replaceable memory which is soldered on the wi-fi module other 16 ghz on this device.

And the battery life is ok it is a four hours battery it is a big one 90 watt hours but the secondary screen and device is That i have a 4k panel up because i was only getting more than just four hours on my regular battery test uh there is one more thing i would say is like a short quibble i have about it it is the ac adapter it is not only It sort of comes out, rather it is actually quite close to the front of the device, so it’s just in this relatively uncomfortable place, I really like to see it backwards or at the very least at the front side.

Okay let’s go to other devices. Uh let’s go with this one. Zephyrus m15 it’s the least expensive of the bunch. It’s really my favorite of these machines, I don’t like it very much because its price is betting price r but it Designed really well for a 12 or 1300 machine, it is well built with a solid chassis unibody construction, so it has no seams or anything like that, it’s just that you’re a what zephyrus want for the product and i’m really surprised that they are selling it for this price point at least surprised that they Are able to do this type of construction at this price point because it is almost the same which is twice the price in terms of build quality.

It comes in this nice gray color. I think they call it prismatic gray and It’s got it like the dot matrix looking thing that’s a little holographic. It’s super subtle, but I really like it and gray is on all the devices as well.

It’s not just the top panel on the keyboard panel and everything else. It’s also like it’s a little soft touch finish, but it’s also complemented by this nice white backlighting on the keyboard that isn’t there in this day and age that a lot of common gaming laptops have in common like crazy rgbs and it’s just a nice.

There is a pure white keyboard that has a pretty standard asus layout which I think most people like it or at least use it very quickly and also have a small arrow key cluster at the bottom if it is something to be used frequently.

One thing to be known that I have seen in the context of light is that good white light I wish there was a difference between the RGB versions and the white lighted versions that you have white functions like you can see function keys like you can actually see f1 f12 quite clearly, but on RGB iterations they actually I just do not bring to light the F numbers that do this if that is something that is very important to you and you want these tools to go for the gray prism white backlit version.

Trackpad is the standard good trackpad that the original As for this one, no one will see. We have to keep an eye on the very similar inside between all these devices, but it’s a strange thing.

It’s the cheapest, but it’s got the same mediocre speaker, Which is three times the price that is normal so there are again two ssd slots and the same RAM slot and this one has a 76 watt hour battery but you are getting a battery life of five hours which is a bit compared to the surface pair. Is a bit better, it’s running one screen for one and two for a lower race screen, so it’s bigger.


The screen is supposed to give a slightly better battery life than the guy, so this 1080p screen is 240hz, it’s a bigger screen now. 

The unit is running a six core Intel CPU as well as the RTX 2070 Max-Q which again is a lot. The only deck-out is the system. I wonder if they are able to sell it at that price point. As you see other competitors are selling well-built machines that look good and are like a complete package.

You’re getting a 20 70 max q, so you know fifteen hundred dollars and it’s great that now there are some things that I don’t like about this machine uh they’re minor but I’m just going to have them.

Once again, turn the AC adapter from the left to the outside like the middle, which can be inconvenient when your cable is coming out of the standard port selection, but there is no webcam, so all the web The camera doesn’t need what you do now.

To make an external purchase it does not come with one or anything. Part of it is that some people may love that the whole privacy thing is going right now, but that zephyrus m is now the ultimate zephyrus s 15.

This machine is what it used to be the flagship before it was zephyrus s premium super Like the thin super powerful machine used to be Asus’s most expensive laptop.

The difference between this one and the M is well. The big thing is the component. It has an eight core Intel CPU and has a RTX 2080 Super max q. It’s the fastest stuff. Gonna be the one you can get in a laptop, but it’s hard to cool components in such a way that the 8 core CPU should cool down. I should rephrase an Intel 8 core CPU to cool it.

It’s the right stuff. Pulls a lot of wattage and that rtx 2080 super max q this is a power hog that you got to vent stuff properly. Now to do it in the chassis it corrects the slim posture gap when you lift Huh.

The lid opens to allow better air flow. It is effective. Does a great job of removing heat at all. But the question is whether it is really worth it because it is twice the price of the m15 and they are very similar.

There is a lot of stuff in it. The design of the same shape between the two. Both of them are the same. Even the internals are very close to each other, so here’s my take on it when Zephyrus first came to market this super Thin is super powerful device.

It was particularly strange to be able to see this form factor with such capability, but every company over the years including Asus, but every company has done better on just cooling laptops and They are kept thin, so now all three of these devices are now running liquid metal. 

They have great thermal systems and you don’t need crazy hardware to get excellent performance right now and that s15 doesn’t get carried away by what’s right In fact it is a very powerful eight-core RTX 2080 super equipped super thin machine It’s hard to do, but a lot of games can’t take advantage of what this thing offers, which offers half the price m15, it’s also not as good of a screen. It’s a 300Hz screen, But it’s not as bright as I like the screen.

On this cheap one, if I had to choose between the two, the lineup was basically a reasonably priced one we got like the Baylor version and we got the Zephyrus Duo. 


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