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Asus Zenfone Seven Pro – A Good Choice For Anyone Looking For a Mobile Phone

The Asus Zenfone 7 is now launching in the UK with prices beginning at just under ten pounds or about $14. Alongside it is the Zenfone 5, which features a less powerful processor and has camera shortcomings and starts at just under eight pounds or about $10. With prices as low as these it seems that the Asus Zenfones is very popular in the UK and will be on the top of most people’s shopping lists.

What is so special about the Asus ZenFone?

The first thing to consider is the fact that when the ZenFone first launched in the US, it was released in black only and was not designed for the market. As a result of the black colour, it became a very niche product and because of this many retailers were unable to keep the price of the product down to the standard that it should have had.

Price and Release

The Asus ZenFone seven was then released in white and the price began to fall. However, the price did not stay down and after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S there was an immediate demand for the ZenFone. It was then that retailers began to realise the potential and price that this product could command, but they were unable to do this quickly enough and many of the dealers have had to change their prices since then.


As you may have guessed from the fact that Asus manufactures the phones themselves, they have managed to make their phones very popular. Because of this, the competition within the market has increased and the price of the devices has dropped. So, if you were to buy one of the Asus Zenfones you will be able to afford one of the best mobile phones available and still be able to save money.


To sum it up, the phones are very popular because they offer a lot of different options. They come with all the features of an iPhone and can be used to surf the web, email and even make phone calls. However the main attraction will be the excellent video playback facilities and the added security features that allow the users to make a private call and text messages.

Pre-installed Apps 

When looking at the phones in terms of security, it is worth considering that all the applications that come pre-installed will ensure that your messages are encrypted and that none of the information that you type out is seen by the phone company. This means that your details are safe from being read by the other person using the phone or company. In addition to this, the phone will never call you back or send you a text message and will always delete any incoming ones. You will also never be required to enter a pin number to connect to the internet either, meaning that no one can find out who you are.


Although the screen is small, it is not a problem to view the messages or pictures that you have sent to your friends and it is also a good idea to set a time limit on how long it takes them to reply. This is something that people often forget about, so this feature can make life much easier. In addition to this, the battery life of these phones is amazing so it is important to ensure that you use it fully.

Display Quality

The quality of the display that you get on a Asus Zenfone Seven Pro is excellent and you will be able to view everything clearly even if the phone is placed on a flat surface. This means that you can view your messages and other information in its entirety, which will make for an outstanding experience.

Although the screen on the Asus Zenfone is not the biggest you will find in the market, it does offer a lot of room for you to scroll down a webpage. This means that you will not miss anything because of the tiny fonts. The display on the Asus Zenfone is crystal clear and the fonts on the page are very large and clear.

Fast Conversation

With all these features on your phone you will be able to send and receive lots of calls without having to wait too long for your phone to get connected to the internet. In fact, with just one call the phone will connect to the internet and send you a message immediately.


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