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The Bluetooth Speaker Review: Worth 3500$

Again in the series where we take a look at the most impressive most amazing most incredible technology brought to you by Dope Tech Shirt Dope Tec Shirt and so in this quarantine version of Dope Tec we have some technology Millie’s around the studio is still really crazy impressive. Sometimes like a montage version to do, sometimes the whole episode is about one thing.

There’s some stuff around the studio to show OK items. Number one is this table that I have done talking about Twitter and Instagram and looking like it is called Sisyphus table.

The table of Sisyphus is a group of different styles and variants of this type, but we should know that Sisyphus is a figure from Greek mythology who is condemned to roll a huge boulder on this table for an eternity.

The mountain is that boulder. It’s a marble of steel rolling through the sand and a rotating magnet position with a robot arm attached to the Sisyphus Wi-Fi.

I’ve been super into this. Doing my thing and I think I get distracted easily, I can be a bit more sedentary, but it’s really cool.

Basically it’s just a regular table at the top with a thin layer of silica.

The sand that comes with the table itself, literally pours it and spreads it out and sets it up. Then the technique below is a computer that is moving this arm around with a magnet that moves,controls the ball where it goes and this is the one you can see at this point where you give these overlapping lines These thin lines can control very well, and really precise shape and design.

You can add more or less sand for a different look and have an LED ring around the table that makes it dramatically similar.

Kindly ignites that I’m super on top of that, with an app that has a Sisyphus app that lets you control everything so that there are entire playlists of user-generated patterns and images that you can do with it.

Some are simple and some are a lot more complicated and you can try to make your own in the app, but it is very hard.

I should ask you to make anything that is already as good as my stuff. It seems like living with pre-made ones also makes it a really satisfying erase after every new piece of art, I can literally wash it all day long that I think I would put it in a separate room Hmmm but actually this is a dope technique for me.

It is technically connected to the internet, it has an app, it is technology, but in reality it is a moving art, it mesmerizes seeing the ball spin in the circle and erases these new designs.

Gives, then erases something new and keep it going forever as always. Myth is all right. Next item up is this guy right here it’s a matte black phantom reactor.

Wireless Speaker

It’s a wireless speaker. It’s very compact. You can see that it is plugged into the wall and is most impressive for how small it is.

Incredibly loud it actually gets. This version of the Phantom is probably the size of an iPad mini. It is eight inches long by 6 inches wide and weighs 4.3 kilograms or about 10 pounds.

It is like a bowling ball so it is a super compact design and it is also very simple. Apart from being matte black it is good and clean it.

It is short range driver on the front. And then these two side pieces are woofers that actually move the air and then on the back side you have these wings which are actually There are tinks and the whole idea is that the cabinet is so compact and so dense that it produces super loud sound with strong wind and it moves a lot when you play it at high volume so you know that the big drivers get a massive punchy rich bass and how much air they push from all that small cabinet space is already tied to Spotify.

Let me play a quick demo

Let me play a quick demo from Jordan Edmonds’ half volume , So I got two of them but when you get two of the exact same model they can be combined together as a stereo pair, so the one on the other side of the studio is one above the other and they’re a left-right stereo pair and When you connect it and Spotify it sees it as a speaker and splits appropriately and then you get that sweet loud stereo image that’s actually a little bit on the computer inside for recording, But each one also has Internet related features, so it has an ARM processor and half gig of RAM.

And you know your Wi-Fi chip has all it needs and yes, it’s the speaker. It’s a small portable noise complaint, it’s that it goes crazy loud at high volumes and surprisingly at those high.

There is a slight distortion in volumes that is not surprisingly high. Overall the sound is not really a midsize driver that focuses on mids, so I can feel like a V-shaped EQ, but honestly I Using it to fill a room or just an outdoor space is not a big deal.

And I know it’s in the title. It’s a $ 3500 speaker, actually it has two different versions, six hundred and nine hundred watt versions, it’s a 900 watt compact version, but then there’s a big phantom that Is of 2,000 watts and then of four thousand five hundred watts.

More than a hundred decibels peak at that point, which is kind of crazy, but that high-end version costs around four thousand dollars, so you know it’s a little bit safer that I think I’m actually saying that this noise is worth complaining, it’s really impressive.

Are, so we’re going with this one in order to understand it. Why this is dope technique.

You have to understand what’s special about the original Helios 44 – so this is my Helios 44 – two lenses.

It clearly doesn’t look exactly like the rest of the lenses in the collection and that’s because it There is a vintage Russian lens used.

You can get around 60 bucks on Amazon or Abe which I gave it for a while and it is known for its curly bokeh and has really fun optical features especially.

Most modern lenses in the world of cinema greatly reduce clinical rectilinear super high maximum sharpness.

It's Possible to Distort

It’s possible to distort and give you the most accurate look and generally it’s good, but sometimes you just want a more fun look to play so you can recognize this swirly background in various mkbhd videos in the past and all this Helios lenses come from a small vintage.

This is a 58 millimeter lens and is not particularly sharp and is so old that it is not really very well built or easy to use, but it gets the job done.

And the look is fun, as you might have guessed it is what is called a rehoused lens.

This is a rehoused version of this and it is very common in the industry to reinstall various lenses for some reason, but this for this it makes perfect sense so it is still as optic as the fun and unique helios because it is the same glass but it is in a barrel that gives it better build quality, a much longer life and much more Gears up to follow it to focus on things that are easy to focus on for long periods of time.

If you want to use it, it gives four filters.

If you want to add them and feel a more satisfying confidence overall, it is made by a company called iron glass, it is attached below.

Has happened and it’s great for those who wonder where there are background background shots from now on.

Funny Facts

Do you know that there is a terabyte SD card in the world right now with a terabyte micro SD card? And at the same time it is three and fifty bucks, so it is very expensive for SD card but it is also not crazy for one terabyte and grand scheme of terabytes you can buy anyway.

I feel a little nervous that one too much data on the card you can just snap in half but I will add it with all the rest of this stuff from below.

Case if you are feeling dangerous, but anyway you have this crazy Bluetooth speaker with a magnetic table vintage rehearsal lens.


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