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Corebook Pro Quick Review

I have a laptop called Core Book Pro and there is a company called Chewy, I have never reviewed any of their laptops, but I have heard of them that they would usually release these premium looks.

Are, but more affordable laptops with specs that are now very mediocre. Using an Intel processor calms you down.

AMD Fans

AMD fans can be a good buy depending on whether they What is the price inside the box. You have another box with the power adapter.

This power adapter is 65 watts. This is a barrel connector that I’m assuming.

This is a sample because the retail unit will have a more attractive unboxing experience.

Wow they already mess this thing up with fingerprints on it which is not a good way to start unboxing at companies if you’re shipping products.

Are going Make sure this laptop is clean before you ship it out.


This laptop is about 1.5 kg. It is not the lightest ultrabook. I have felt it very solid. The display is a little scared as if it is a bit staggered here as you open.

It may not be that one hand you open this guy Got to use two hands, it’s all made of metal, so it seems premium that it is much thicker than the thinnest Ultrabook.

MacBook Pros keyboard

I’d take an Acer Swift three for example similar to this chewy laptop. Should be about the thickness, there is a slight gap between the display and the keyboard so I’m assuming dust so it will get there easily, this keyboard is a direct copy of the MacBook Pros keyboard.

In terms of visual design they feel very comfortable to type as when I type on it the travel distance is good and deep and the keys are active.

I am not a fan of this red power button which Takes off the full color. This scheme makes you feel a little too tough, with two levels of backlighting to choose from, with your LED indicators on top of you to tell you if the lock key on the laptop is locked.

Is on and of course if the laptop is charging the touchpad.Is a good size. It’s definitely not in the glass as it should not be for this price point, but it’s using Windows exact drivers and the port position sounds great, you only have one USB.


The Type-C port is on the left and obviously it’s not a Thunderbolt 3 because the chip doesn’t support it inside here.

On the other side you have a USB port audio jack and a micro SD card slot.

The main attraction of this laptop is definitely it Is 14 inches. It is 3 is 2 to 2k when it is not tactile and yes it is shiny because its use on the front of the glass panel causes the brightness to be sharper than around 270 nits and the color accuracy is acceptable on it.


Design work is acceptable, it is very beautiful that you are buying this laptop. If you need to make some conference calls, there’s a webcam, but this is a really awesome cam.

There is a quick access port for the second M2 state.

There’s a lot, but I’m going to show you the laptop’s internals to let you know that you are now mixing CPU and RAM on the motherboard, and this laptop is just a kigu Bytes of RAM can be configured.

This is the most CPU that can help you get an NVM drive that comes standard with a laptop and a second slot if you want to upgrade the CPU to storage down the road and integrate the integrated GPU with a fan and two heats.


The battery is being cooled by pipes. The battery life is 46 watt hours and they are estimating the battery life that anywhere from 6 to 7 hours can be used.

Now on this spec sheet is not going to blow you. It is not going to run any intensive game.

Not going to edit photos or videos. Or what it is going to do, is the basic productivity used for Google Chrome to work on what it is going to do, it is being used by Microsoft to pick up the notes because you want enough power for the display.

What this laptop means is the price point because most other budget laptops at this price point don’t really have good performance, which is one of the hottest manufacturers in the field, if you want a full review and you want me to Test it to push it to full capacity.

I can test all the things that I usually do in most of my reviews, let me know in the comments below but I think if it costs around three to five hundred dollars it would be a better option than a chromebook Maybe because you get full Windows 10 support which means you can run other applications even if it is more powerful, you can still dive into it while on Chromebook you are limited to one browser.


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