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Detailed Review of Dell XPS 17

This is the new Dell XPS 17 and the XPS 15 is also one here that I made earlier so you may have seen my comparison with the MacBook Pro 16 if definitely not giving that watch after that but I want to give the 17 a full full review treatment here.

Compared to the XPS 15

Compared to the XPS 15 as a 15 I know a lot of you myself are involved thinking that the MacBook Pro is better like the video I bought myself.

These are reasonable retail samples because Harley is always Dell Let me review XPS samples and I want to bring these videos to you guys before you can really go out and give them a better idea of ​​where to buy them, but I would also like to see Wanted to match the glasses as much as possible.

Maximum Q or 8 core processors or you know the new vapor chamber cooling system makes a lot of difference, but you know it makes a lot of difference so that it gets terrible so let’s get the specs in America first, it starts at just fourteen hundred dollars, Although it integrates your HD graphics with a Full HD Plus screen and a small fifty six hour battery then for 1900 you get an i7 a very large 97 watt hour battery and a GTX 1650 ti graphics card, but if you really If you want to get the most out of the XPS 17 then you will need it.

Pay a thousand dollars to get this guy and that gives you r-tx 2060 max q graphics 4k plus touchscreen along with 16 gigs of RAM and Around 16 gigs with a terabyte seems kinda stingy for that kind of money, although you can imagine it with a 2 or 6400.


I think what I suggest is actually RAM yourself and The 2m2 ssd slot is upgradeable to upgrade, so if you want to go for less spec and then later it It is always an option if you upgrade. The XPS 15 are entry-level models with the same specs. 17 is actually only $ 100 more, but then at such a top-end here $ 800 more than a similar high-end XPS 15, but let’s take a moment.

Let’s put money to it and I’m sure you ‘I agree that these two are stunning looking laptops, it’s really just the big brother of the XPS 15. I think XPS’s lab has been refreshed this year, one of the biggest profits I’ve seen in nearly four years, I mean it’s a profit edge to lower the screen to edge them down.

The bezel has got rid of, which is sixteen by ten aspect ratios, which I am a huge fan of, as well as the wealthier people of the large trackpad have the feeling that we will get both a fingerprint reader and face unlocking as well Shift to USB only and of course upgrade on the inside with Intel 10th gen processors and 1650 Ti upgrades with all the 2016 Max Q graphics cards, so 2020 XPS laptops are really a big upgrade, but the question is always better.

They both fit into my pretty standard North Face Backup although we need a tight squeeze for the 17 and I think with a sleeve or a case I don’t think it will fit quite enough in the laptop compartment 17 too.

A little heavier than the two with a larger battery and touchscreen. Is it 17 and a half kilograms or Five and a half pounds, so I think it’s as good for me as I love the big screen on it and also the performance that we’ll get in the second portability of the XPS 15 is more important to me I mean I already have a desktop PC at home and so it’s mainly my work laptop when I’m traveling or going to tech shows and you know making videos on the road, but then if it’s a fair Desktop replacement is for you and it is going to last all day in your home world office at your desk, then you can also go for the bigger screen as you would expect 17 and 15 have a lot of common keyboard and touch.

The pad is exactly the same, which I and T feel bad about using. The cap is largely accurate touchpad is incredibly smooth and responsive. The only difference is that we get this wider speaker grille flanking the keyboard at 17.

Now you can see in my micro comparison video that the problem with 17 speakers is good news. By uninstalling the Realtek audio drivers and then going to the Dells website and the latest ones to fix it again Have managed to fix this by downloading, but this is not something you really should do for about three grand laptops.

Hey guys, I got two of the best laptops you originally bought. Can, i got a new macbook pro 16, with the brand new you can buy basically.

I got a new macbook pro 16 that has a new 5600m graphics card which are both big improvements over the last year, But still not in line with the MacBook Pro 16 standard, when you increase the volume  then 80% say that it starts to distort both speeds, so it is great but not great for webcams.

Well we get 720p vi deo from small cameras at the top also at least it is not showing on your nose but as you can see the quality is not fantastic it is noisy it is afraid it is not the fastest Is not ideal, and therefore the same camera is not exactly the same quality.

The xpr-50 and 17 between the two is not so great, but it would also be like the MacBook Dells went full USB. Here we thought of four and 17 But an SD card reader compares with three, and a card reader on x locks on both the 15 Plus headphone jack and Kensington, but when you open the 17 or even the 15, the screen from edge to edge There is a real wow moment and it is paired with a 4k plus touch screen, it is truly one of my favorite laptops.

Now interestingly they actually have the same resolution with a size difference of 3800 to 2400, so we’re seeing 17 at 29 vs. 291 at 260 pixels per inch, so it’s a bit faster, but not something that you really Look different from life they are doing exactly the same though with the same high color accuracy that makes them great for editing as well as supporting the 508 peak brightness GR500 and Dolby Vision HDR so obviously it’s a bit Bigger.

We actually get USB C ports but what’s really the big difference between them. Well let’s jump into some benchmarks and start with Cinebench. 32 percent faster in our 20 vs XPS 15 17 Geekbench 5 single Core performance is almost neck-and-neck indeed, but multi-core has 17 pulls when Geekbench has 28% off, Graphics Test 17 is 51 percent faster in Open 51CL and 50 percent faster in CUDA and then 3D mark time. XPS 17 in Spy Benchmark is 44 percent faster than 15, but what is real It starts off well with G Games and you can see that the XPS 17 is actually quite fast between these four, on average it’s 40% faster, so when you leave the rest at 1080p, both are quite capable. Gaming laptops are.

XPS 17 is a very fast plus because the 2060 is an RT X card that we can also access to Ray Tracing DSS and Fast n Think Encoder which helps in video streaming so you get a bunch of extra bells and whistles with the RT X1 .

Video editing performance is important to me though, so I’ve tested both these while Premiere Pro and Mexican Resolution Studio are scrubbing through the actual timeline Premiere Pro seems very similar on both and they can comfortably handle 4K video But what about the export time in the same fairly complex 10-minute 4k project in Premiere Pro XPS 17 at 11 minutes and 19 seconds vs 11 minutes and 50 seconds at 15 so it gave 30 seconds, but this one Not a huge difference.

Then it had to be resolved to Vector Studio 17 is just 4 seconds faster than 15 seconds though is the real winner and is just ridiculously fast compared to Premiere Pro.

I’m seriously tempted to switch But I think there may be a slight hiccup of 16 GHz RAM. Upgrade them to RAM with 2 gigs so far, 17 is quite fast in benchmark and gaming and a bit faster in video editing, though as I I say that 32 gigs of RAM is really full of performance Will knock but what will happen is cooling because this is something that the XPS series has struggled with to really start from the outside and I have actually found that there was not that much difference in temperature but then by 1650 Ti and Benchmark Inside the 3D mark bar run.

The 15-inch peaks are quite significant at 82 ° C versus 1760 at just 73 degrees with the 2060 Max-Q and it shows how good this vapor chamber cooling system is for processors with Cinebench and called However, the 100 degree Celsius peak in the 17-inch benchmark has been reduced to less than 2.92 GHz due to both the laptop sides tempering.

The 15 has three Gigahertz, despite a 300 MHz high clock at 15 relative to its advertisement. sed is 17 bus faster with clock speed and two extra cores and also cooler so that has much higher numbers and figures but the point is 17 makes a big difference at 15 with the vapor chamber cooling system it is still warm to the touch and I’m sure there’s still some throttling, but you don’t see it as quickly as 15, but I think a really interesting test would be to see the TI in 1750 with a vapor chamber because I’m sure you’re from here.

Get better Performance

Get better performance, like you do here so it makes sense over 17 if you’re gaming or regularly doing high intensive workloads, but I found the fan noise to be exactly the same on both 17s.

Was not like Any cool feeling and in the end one of our battery life well they both have two different battery options. I got the bigger version in these guys. I got in 15 watt cell in 87 vs 17 in 97 watt hour cell.

Have been testing these for the last few weeks and am doing about six hours using RS from 17 and not so big for 15 to five minutes or five and a half, but 17 will give you a slightly better battery life so this XPS.

The 17 reviews have definitely turned into one vs video, but I think as I say 15 types of extra performance plus the added portability and better cooling you also get with the 17 Plus and it’s a high end one.

Good deal is cheap, so I think personally I would go with a 15 in my use case but if you are a gamer, you are a dreamer or you know that portability is not the number one factor for you, So 17 is exactly the way to go and I really hope that we next-gen XPS 15s and maybe in this vapor chamber Will look at the cooling system.

Even 13 so it really does make a difference what you think you would go between these two or just tell me in the comments below.


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