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Detailed Review of HP Omen 15

This is HP omen 15 and here’s one thing as a reviewer that you start building these expectations for the brand and products that you think the product will be like what you think it should be like before the product , As you know you also come out.

Apple MacBook is Going to be Expensive

Know that an Apple MacBook is going to be expensive and it’s going to get a bit hot and the same thing goes with hp omen, as you know it doesn’t make particularly high performance machines for years that are cool Let’s go.

They haven’t been doing it for at least five or six years. They are bringing hp omens to the market this year. It’s a little different. It’s Omen 15 for 2020 and they changed so much stuff like we’ve just gone into a machine.

Which comes in two variants: an AMD version and an Intel version. Now people always ask me why you get the Intel version.

Don’t you like it? Are you an Intel fanboy who listens as a reviewer if you’re looking for a product Going to review specifically for one who has questions in the past.

Thermal Performance

Enable thermal performance. You’re going to get the most configuration that you want. There is the highest risk of not performing properly, so this is an Intel version.

And to get these things as hot as possible this is a high spec Intel version because if it’s here now you know if you like a Ryzen version and it’s got like a low end GPU if It performs great, so you have no idea how good it is to run hot people, you get it properly.

Kind of predictable Intel version and let’s jump into performance, it has excellent performance. The components are very powerful so it pushes the great frame rate and games and the thermometer has no throttling. The temperature is comfortable.

Fan Noise is not Crazy

The fan noise is not crazy. Aloud it’s a machine that’s just so unlike hp, they’ve never had a device that was cooled and like their entire hp lineup for years it’s by far the best if there is one complaint that the thermal system has About the fans I have.

Don’t go completely silent in vain, there’s really no way to shut these fans down enough so that they’re ineffective as if the fan is just right now, Mike is picking it up a little bit right then you can probably hear that it’s not annoying but if you work in an environment or you have some kind of work that requires a completely silent system, it’s not going to happen, butĀ  is one.

This is fine with a thermometer from the side, I’m just going into the design of this thing because they are ready again Man is done, along with the exterior of this thing, this year it is now in front of the diamond laptop, which is faded by this greenish green shield, it is very clear as if you can tell if you see it If you know your laptop then it is a hp omen but at the same time it is not super unpleasant it is not a glow it is not a light and it is sufficiently at least for me I think some people Hate this but I personally like it.

I think this is something that sets it apart from thousands of other laptops. Where it is there, but at the same time it’s not annoying. It’s a metal build. Which is metal on the top. It is metal on the keyboard deck. It is a unibody chassis and is also metal at the bottom.

There is a couple problem that I like the build

There is a couple problem that I like the build. The quality of the hinge I would say is a little less looser like the screen hinge when you Lifting it up and down gives me a little more play, like I don’t like the wobble, but I think the hinges should be a bit tight, but there is also the issue that the lap on this side On the edge of the top where you can see it, here the screen on a laptop rests on the keyboard deck when it closes right and the actual palm is content on the rest area so that when you close it it is in that palm rest area.

But it rests, but there is nothing above the screen on the back of that screen, as if there is no support in it, so let’s tell you to lift your laptop up like you want to lift it somewhere.

Hold on the front here. You have no problem pushing down on it and the palm rest area is supporting it, but if you lift it backwards, it’s weird flex that just happens to be there. I don’t like it.

Hey I don’t know if that’s going to affect the longevity or durability of the screen, because it’s not like you’re cracking it hard, but I do think it was a bit of a design miss when They built this thing.

I wished it wasn’t there because otherwise the construction is fantastic considering the choice of port It is very good. You’ve got your regular USB connections, but you have an SD card slot and an Ethernet jack and you have two display outputs and a third as well as they have a dongle which they include technically on this machine. Three video outputs if you so choose.

It is a healthy dose of ports that are on this unit, which is upgraded on this unit is a 4k 120 Hz panel that is usually on the laptop especially the 4k panel on the gaming laptop. Wanders away from me because I like my high refresh and often they don’t come in high refresh.

It comes in 120 Hz and it supports G-sync, so very fast very bright bright brilliant colors I like it. Huh. Now this screen is an upgraded panel, so if I had to choose one of the panels, like Universal, the recommendation would be to upgrade 1080p 144 Hz to a very easy recommendation first, it’s not super expensive, but it’s great for gaming experiences. Gives what you want to refresh the keyboard faster.

It’s an excellent layout. I feel like this model is for keyboard layout. A laptop has a nice clean arrow key cluster and dedicated page up keys down page and they are really clear. This is why it’s so cool because it’s the same layout as a regular desktop keyboard.

You don’t need to recreate yourself just because of the laptop you know where the stuff is because you Have typed on a regular keyboard, I think that’s why I like this layout so much that the keys themselves are a bit small, but they are responsive.

Really Enjoy using this Keyboard

I think most people really enjoy using this keyboard. Now Prakash comes in some variants, it is fully upgraded as it is The key is found according to RGB. The base model comes in full red light and if you pay Rs 10 you can get four zones so pay 10 bucks.

I think you will regret it. Otherwise the trackpad is fine like gestures and tracking is fine. The glass surface is very smooth. I like it but the mechanism for the click feels dull. It is not nearly as responsive as I would like it to be.

For being I think it’s the bottom button right now. If you take a look at the Insights, the first thing I noticed was the much improved thermal system this year, now it goes backwards and one of the previous omens Always goes out. Back and often times is not enough, but now it gets three big heat pipes to the big fans. It is well done.

RAM SlotsĀ 

It has two RAM slots, two NVM bays and a 70 watt hour battery. Now this unit gives me 4k The panels I am getting are three and take half an hour of battery.

I think if you had a 1080p panel it would have been like four-and-a-half hours, which can be expected considering how powerful the system.

Battery life

But this is what we have for battery life and then the speakers on the side they are as average as you would expect on a gaming laptop that you know is probably the next frontier that we have resolved thermal speakers next right. I want to close this conversation well with this topic of the industry.

Not long ago when the first gaming laptop came on the market, I am sure it was terrible thermal. I don’t know which company made it for me.

Don’t know how bad the number really was, but there’s no way it was a well cooled machine but look where we are today 20 20 we are looking at the hp omen which has been properly cooled it took hp five or six years to get down to it but they have done it right that this is something that I think it symbolizes the whole industry Is the entire laptop industry. You look at any company.


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