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Huawei P40 Pro Plus Review 2020

It’s the new huawi p40 pro plus and well it’s a lot like the p40 pro, but double 512 gigs with storage is this fancy new ceramic white or black design and it supports fast 40 watt wireless charging, but the title Feature This Penta camera setup is five lenses which include two optical telephoto lenses three times and ten times which you can pinch all the way up to a hundred times so it’s going straight to the s20 ultra with its so called space zoom So that the camera is set on it is very exciting, but before we all meet, let’s talk about the price because the pro plus will cost you more than about 400 in europe pro it will cost you 1400 euro which I expect to be around 1300 pounds here in the UK.

That's a lot of money

That’s a lot of money, though it’s fair that it’s still 100 less than the Galaxy S20 Ultra and 200 less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, when you get them with 512 GHz Let’s imagine the store, put the price aside for a moment anyway.

The real S is the thing about this guy’s camera, now originally my plan was to do a P40 Pro Plus vs S20 Ultra camera comparison, I actually took different photos this week through different lenses, which is different -Moving through different lenses up to 100 times, but I was then told a few days ago that two more updates were coming and it could have made the camera better, although I don’t know if I could go through my full long-term review What will I compare my camera with on the video.

As long as you guys can actually buy it you can buy it at the end of June, it should be all right so we break everything we get because when we are calling it.

There was a vocal spec including a main ultra wide three times optical and ten times optical lens and a time-of-flight sensor, so it’s pretty much the same as the standard P40 Pro Setup, but now five times telephoto has been reduced to three times and then we have the new ten times lens so what you can do now in the camera app is to go from zero point to seven times with ultra wide lens, Using the main lens up to three times at a time optical ten times optical all the way up to a hundred.

Important Thing is that unlike Samsung

However, the important thing is that unlike Samsung, which shrugged off this huge location zoom logo on the camera module, it made the phone’s major selling points.

Yes, you can zoom up to 100 times, but this is not a big song and dance. The new bar and 10 times optical lens quality is what really kills this stand and they actually solve the kind of problems that a lot of brands are facing in terms of the level of zoom that people actually I want For example, the iphone gives you twice as much uh, plus eight is eight times, this s20 ultra gives you four times optical, but with that we get the best of both worlds, we get three times mid- Range and then a long distance ten.

So it covers all the bases of course. The cost of spending money well in T and then the same 32 megapixel selfie camera and depth sensor in front of us is nothing new.

Butit is still one of my favorite front-facing cameras, especially once you turn off the beauty mode but all together there is no denying the versatility of this camera setup yes ultra wide other phones not particularly wide compared to, I still find the UI in the process of zooming a little bit and it’s very expensive but focusing fast at the same time.

Great low light shots. Impressive HDR and Crazy zoom The choice is one. If not the best phone for photography, then the camera is definitely only one aspect of the phone.

And like the p40 I think it’s a beautifully designed phone and actually it’s like a 6.58 inch size of Goldilocks. I think it just feels right in the hand. Not too big. Not too small. Wouldn’t be a fan of a four-way curved screen.

I think there are many. I now prefer flat screens and the hole punch cutout is also one of the biggest I’ve ever seen, although to be fair we applaud. We are getting an IR sensor which unlocks the face very fast in low light and it is still disappointing.

Even on such a flagship phone we get only one speaker such as this is good for ceramic material Looks and it’s definitely eye catching in this white color, but I’m not sure if I really don’t like it like matte glass on this silver color original p40 pro which you think looks better.


I mean they are both stunning, but both end up a lot like Matt, though exactly the same as p40 pro with same full hd plus 90hz screen android 10 and emui 10.1 software kirin 995g chip 8 ghz ram and 4200ml hour battery.

It is really great to use and amui has given it more in the last few years. Has come a long way to make it more sensitive. And also give you more customization options.

Now you can argue that you know that a Full HD Plus screen 90 Hz refresh rate isn’t exactly the key specs in 2020, but then you know that the iPhone is still at 60 Hz, Although when the iPhone comes out later in 12 years that ‘will probably fix it, but the size of the thing is actually the Quad HD wouldn’t really make any sense, although maybe 120Hz would have been nice, but I think that Huawei has done a good job in balancing performance with battery life up to the end of a normal day.

There are still about 35 batteries still left well, but I think that despite having an amazing camera is for a lot of people and a really cool design that stuff might fall into place as we have right  now.

Also there are no Google Play services and honestly no play store, this means that Huawei has invested a lot in its app gallery, so it is improving, but it is missing a lot of important apps right now. Is, which I can still use, through which you can use Phone Clone E which brings them to your old phone and then you can use something like apk net to fill in the gaps with almost everything Can, but it’s frustrating and I worry about the security of apps that you might need to download through third parties especially for banking and shopping and it’s as good as a phone, not me.

Know how many people in Britain will be ready to pay at least 1400 Euro in Europe and the status of the app .

They will deal so that they can get this camera but I also know that everyone is a bit different and if you can find the apps that you use in the app gallery then that’s great and if you need to spend some time.

No Objection

No objection then you know whether to download the APK side loading stuff or going through a substantial means actually a long process of getting the play store over there but huwaway does not recommend those things because well its unofficial.

Is like and is not really protected so really it comes down to you and the apps you use I personally use like you know facebook instagram twitter uh BBC news app lightroom a lot, but then it misses on youtube, i had to make a browser shortcut on the desktop which is just not as good and not something that you really want to do on a 1400 Euro phone, but despite this it’s actually a lovely phone to use and camera, while I’m still off for some updates before it officially launches Happening is a real selling point.

Now I personally pay over 400 for this but personally I don’t think the upgrades are worth such money. Storage is doubly fast. Wireless charging this new design and a little drastic.

The camera setup sounds good to everyone, but not something I think I’ll pay for 400 extras, but it’s nice to see Huawei continue to innovate with its camera technology, so that’s in my review Is like one to two weeks, but make sure you are subscribed, so you Don’t miss out on comparing ray cameras.

I know that you think the p40 pro plus has extra extras for the higher price and is lacking a deal breaker or just an inconvenience to you.


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