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My 30 Days with Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 Laptop

It’s a laptop. It’s a mouthful of the 2020 asus rog zephyrus duo 15, but it’s the standout feature, as you can see well that literally the 60hz 4k or 300hz 1080p main screen as well as the second 4k 14.1 in.

Touch Screen

The ips get the touch screen, which flips upwards. You open the lid that comes with a launcher for regularly used apps and it’s great that you show your email streaming or even That I have found most helpful is my premiere pro media browser down there you can also see as you are working on main.

The screen when you’re getting one on one in a bit of a lowly gaming and it’s not just a pretty face. It’s a beast when it comes to specs.

Highest End Model 

I’ve got the highest end model here which costs the best part of 4 000 Does pound but for that you have this 4k 60 screen rtx 2080 super graphics card uh i9 eight cores with temperature 99 rams with sd storage of two terabytes of raid zero a 90 watt hour battery and definitely another Screen So yes it is not a C stack but chances are it is going to be your main productivity device or if you are buying that 1080p 300 Hz version, then you know that it is a gaming laptop and definitely you need your room Got below.


Maybe it’s twitch streaming or you know your overview software. If you’re streaming yourself, you’re all in a package. If you’re going to use it, you’re at home or in the office at a workstation.

Second or External Screen

As you know, simply using a second screen or external screen will not be easy. Yes said below when I’m traveling and I’m doing video editing on the go.

Travel Workstation

As I mentioned it’s really really useful to keep all my media files down, so I got a nice big premiere. The timeline on the top screen the Pro can get is actually quite honestly as a travel workstation desktop replacement as well and nothing like it but definitely with that screen you definitely want 15 inch gaming or workstation machines.

Paying a similar premium and it’s not just a price. It’s a little bit hard. It’s too heavy to swallow that in an awkward position. The track pad oddly.

No Webcam in Lockdown

There’s no webcam that’s in today’s lockdown world. A bit frustrating and fan noise can also be very noticeable under load. Now you can remember that last year I reviewed the dual screen asus zenbook duo and my first impression was that the second screen was an expensive gimmick, But what really surprised me and this With Zephyrus Gaming Edition even more how well it is integrated and also how flexible it is.

Screen Resolution

Talk about that screen and it’s called the rog screen pad plus and it flips up to 13 degrees which then makes it easier to see so you don’t have to hunch over and look down like you did on last year’s model Would be personally happy to obscure some chunky bezel under the main screen to see it at an even greater angle so that as the main screen expands you can drag apps and snap them to fill the entire space Or have two or three side by open the side launcher and you can swap one display to find another and pin commonly used apps and change settings, even if you are on the main screen Go for 4k or 1080p version, the screen pad will have 3840×1100 resolution.

This is basically an extra wide 4k screen whose ratio ratio makes it feel a bit tight at times, but it’s still a lot more screen real estate that you get something like HP Omen x2s because it’s one to use.

Main Screen is Not Touch Screen

It takes minutes. The main screen is not a touch screen, but the screen is a pad as I say that there is really nothing else and it’s a unique experience that I wish was either a bit too much or it was a bezel less so it’s just like Became a seamless curved experience that will probably be good on next year’s model but the whole thing can be a bit off-putting at times, sometimes some programs and apps don’t come in the right way and you can see it all the way around It wants to snap to one side or go up. Service main screen.


It works, but sometimes it seems a little small, but let’s talk about this main screen and as you say you get 4k60 or Can get 1080p 300 ips display and they both support G-Sync and are pitching the suite duo 15 as is a workstation type machine for both creators and a top-tier gaming and streaming laptop matte 4k panel.

Hey, it gets very bright at around 400 nits and its color is accurate. I measured 100 SRGB 96 adboy RGB and 90 RCI P3 so I can comfortably edit my photos and videos on it. If gaming is your focus, you want a fullHD version of 300hz because this 60Hz display seriously limits the gaming experience and neither does the screen support the temper.

Overall for HDR’s design. I think it’s an ed. Stunning looking laptop. We’ve got this aluminum magnesium chassis and I think that is because of the fact that we have this unique keyboard layout on the second screen while it’s a bit It is really quite composite and most importantly compact.

Design Quality

I builds up the quality has big flaws at the bottom of the screen on two legs and is surprisingly stiff and the screen hinge reduces the screen.

USB & Other Jack's

It is quite thin at just 21 millimeters and weighs 2.4 Kilograms or 5.3 pounds because we get the same USB type – the C Thunderbolt has three USB 3.2 types of one gen two and two gen ones with separate mic and headphone jacks as well as Ethernet and HDMI 2.0 on the back, I miss being an SD card reader, although it would have been nice to have another thunderclap.


Now thanks in part to max q gpu we have here instead of a full fat graphics card and also a suitor cooling setup never too hot to touch the laptop under high load, although things get hot as soon as possible she went.

Noice and Air Flow 

Say that the difference under the screen actually increases the airflow by 30 percent, I hoped it could calm the fans, but it can make a lot of noise especially when you can see the keyboard or trackpad , as you can see.

Fist and it feels a little tight to use and as we lower down we lose the palm, said typing feels good for 1.4 millimeters of critical travel and we also control RGB lighting per aura Control, however the big problem is the sync.

Touch pad

The position of the touch pad when I’m typing is that I found that my hand would just hold it and register a movement or click and suddenly I was somewhere else on that page I’ll type in the pad itself which works well and we get the physical click button. A

Also you can use numpad, which is helpful now, let’s talk about performance and while it’s Of course with this top spec you can imagine with a 2080 Super Max q depending on which model of laptop.


Call of Duty is pretty fast, I’m getting around 55 fps with high settings in 4k, but really if you’re gaming you would have gone for the 1080p 300hz model so I have to drop to full HD.

Getting 145 fps. Now I’m not sure why you would play Fortnite on the foreground laptop but if you again with epic settings at 1080p you would average around 140 fps. I died at 98 frames per second again. Very high. Using the settings and six siege ultra settings in the 4k rainbow at 66 I hit 114k 4k fps and around 225 at 1080p which is almost taking full advantage of that 300hz option and that is an interesting point because even if you have 300hz Let’s go for the top spec version of this unless you’re getting 300 fps in your game.

Not really taking full advantage of it and even with the super of the 2080s I am partially Seems to be because this is the maximum q version that is slightly underclocked I am not really getting close to 300. It is usually about half that now. Of course if you play old games or you will increase your FPS leave the settings but just keep that in mind just because it is 300 Hz.

This does not mean that you are going to play the game and as you would expect this thing just flies Premier Pro and Division Resolution and father ct that we have an rtx graphics card, it means us and the recent bank encoder.

Get, I made a whole video about the advantages of rtx so that you can later see if you want to get super nerdy for a minute, but this is the ultimate workstation for me and some people is probably the ultimate Gaming laptop One thing I was concerned about coming up was the battery life in my video tests.

I got five and a half hours of full screen at 50 brightness and about six hours. My light user browser and video tests have such average results, But they are not bad, because electricity is provided on the tap and two screens, then the big service It should be that you buy rog zephyrus duo 15 to be well honest the price alone limits the audience to this thing.

It’s a high-end premium gaming laptop slash workstation, so that most of you include yourself.

Do because I have to give it back because it’s probably not what it all comes down to how you use it but better workstations are slash video ad ting laptops and even better gaming laptops for less money you definitely want a second screen and Pay a premium for its novelty, but you know that they are trying different things that they are innovating and they are treating it really well.

Personally have very deep pockets. I think this pair makes more sense for gaming as a mobile workstation because having additional applications open at the same time was really useful when I was doing video editing if you were a If you are a hardcore gamer, then I think 3 000 2017 max q i7 version with 300 Hz screen is a better option.


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