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Sony Xperia 1 Detailed Review 2020

This Sony’s new flagship phone Xperia is a mark – I’m really excited to test it out because I still think that last year’s experience is a mark to say for now, in fact over a year underrated phones.

There was one, but the question is the Mark 2 is a big upgrade and is it worth paying £ 1100 or $ 1200. Well start with what’s new and have some design tweaks for example, about half a millimeter thinner. Has now moved the camera module to the side that eventually they have merged the power button with a fingerprint reader of that size, which makes a lot of sense, so now it’s just a touch to wake up and unlock.


Hai, they’ve ever trimmed the top bezel a bit and now both speakers are front firing and they’ve moved right to the edge, but I think one of the most surprising changes is that between a half-milk headphone jack This means that last year’s experience was not even one and it is one of the few flagships of 2020 that actually comes with one so you know the only reason why maybe it might be worth buying is we still get Gorilla Glass 6 on both the front and back, which looks nice, although it is still used by me One of the best phones to be made, you should put a case on it as if you’re trying to get finger gymnastics to reach the top of that extra tall screen. Gonna drop in, although I still really like this design, it’s really kind of refreshing just not a symmetrical bezel I’m not your hole punch cutout insight, but the big upgrade is a new Snapdragon 86 5 Inside is with chips from 6 to 8 g RAM last year as well as now only a 256 gig storage option using faster U FS3 storage + micro SD card.


Support is above the Poultry 64 and 128 gig models last year so a new processor more RAM more storage, but I think the biggest upgrade is the hardware-wise battery that we now get from the 3,330 to 4000 million power cells on the Xperia 1 Are, so a good dest lasts longer and the fact that Sony is stuck with a 60Hz screen which is a bit controversial and I’ll talk about each other which also helps the battery life so really This thing is surprisingly long lasting which I have been using for the last one week.

Or so and I’m getting about 5 hours of screen time and by the end of a normal day I still have about 30% of my battery left which is really pretty good, takes about one half of a full charge.

However, a quick 30-customized top-up will get you 50% battery and also for the first time now we will get wireless charging which also has some other features like Bluetooth 5.1 Wi-Fi 6 and 5G support and then we have this camera Is what is now a quad lens setup with the usual ultra wide and telephoto lenses, but is still good in addition to a more realistic bouquet and a time-of-flight sensor for portrait shots, but not the real selling point of the Xperia – This screen is this 6.5 inch 4k OLED HDR screen and it is paired with 21 by 9 o less screen with immunity to watch movies with full boss and their dynamic vibration that gives you a kind of haptic feedback.

Which is basically a delightful way to go with a movie game or music that you are playing all about this phone. Designed to give you the ultimate mobile cinema experience and it’s great firing about Call of Duty in which you’re playing a 4k HDR YouTube video, it looks amazing as well as mark 2 brighter sounds And the colors are more vibrant in the 1 mark.

Now switch to the Creative Mode in Display mode which is like Cinema Mode which gives us less bright, but more realistic colors and is again closer to the cinema experience paired with Dolby Atmos which supports front firing speakers And support for high race audio.

Yes, but the problem is not all games support what is the 9 aspect ratio at 21 and while movies look great if you watch YouTube videos or regular shows at 60.

On either side is the 4k resolution that Sony is pushing on their phones because I think that said 5 thinking I was back in 2015, but to be honest with you I still don’t think it’s really worth it.

I like the idea but it’s not just useful that I mean Netflix Prime videos and play movies still capped ATP on mobile and if you say some good native 4k content on youtube and that crazy 643 Pixels take full advantage of sharpness per inch, so I mean it’s right for your eyes and yes you can see the difference.

It’s incredibly sharp, but I don’t think most people would benefit much from a 4k screen in real life. Gonna get it and it only gives you 4k well actually a little less than 4k 38.

Forty to sixteen three four to be exact. When it detects 4k material then why bet 1096 to 2560 to save battery Goes. Would there really be a problem with a 4k screen if it wasn’t for the fact it’s a 6 Makes such a clean compromise to live with, unlike most other flags in 2020 the Hertz refresh rate screen, which tells you about 90 or 120 Hz, because for that 4k resolution we’re still stuck at 60, Now to be fair, they have added a low speed blur feature that is supposedly simulated like a smooth 90Hz refresh and it helps when you turn on the smoothing speed retv, but it just feels like a reasonable 120Hz.

Sony's UI

Not the same as the screen and in my mind, while 4k is something you can enjoy every once in a while. A high frame rate makes the whole experience of using your phone from scrolling through the menu app Will feel faster and significantly playing games unlike other phones that offer a faster 120Hz and more responsive 240Hz touch latency meaning that the Xperia 1 Mark 2 is not just a great gaming phone when immersive. , But what about you, if you had to choose between 4k and 120 Hz, then you note In terms of this, let me tell you that this is all to keep aside. To use beautiful phones, we get Android 10 with Sony’s UI at the top of the home screen, Google News Feed has us for easy multitasking with each other.

There is also a multi-window app with two apps above that make sense to have a longer screen. Side cents for quick app shortcuts and of course Sony’s Pro Photo and Video mode if you want to tinker and get the most out of the camera so we need some options to boost performance blocking applications and record gameplay With the game boost mode will not be found.

However the criticism I have is that you only have no face unlock option with biometric security option, which is a fingerprint reader which is fine. It’s increasingly reliable, but it seems absolutely weird to lock on any face. No and probably not.

It’s a big deal these days because everyone’s wearing face masks when you’re out and about at home, I don’t think of using my phone just like this and It’s just you know that automatically unlocks with my face.

I have to make sure that my ther or my index finger is applied to the power button to unlock each time, it’s a weird omission. Okay let’s do this. Let’s talk about the camera and here are the main specs and especially the main 12 megapixel camera 50% bigger sensor than last year’s Xperian.

I’m adding three times to Ultra Wide and Newtown Flight Land. It’s now a lot The only versatile camera setup is, the first thing if you want to get the most out of this camera is Pro Photo and Must be familiar with video apps, it’s not for everyone, but maybe you want to buy it, part of it is the ability to fully control the camera, but I’ll be honest and say that I’m a pro photographer.

No, so while it’s fun to dub these apps, most people, including myself, are just using the regular camera app, though to be honest, you can download most of these features by downloading Film Pro on another phone. Are, so here are some traces from ii.

When with a large sensor they also have improved real-time eye autofocus tracking and you can see Davey here is the InFocus look color realistic by rotating despite being so focused all the time And the dynamic range is even better than last year.

Something that Mark is really struggling with is more detail in deep areas and less blown highlights. It picked up very well compared to the iPhone 11 Pro Has happened, though I’ve noticed in some stores that slow down for Sony photos -Shown is purple and it still can’t quite match iPhones aggressive HDR, though I know it can give iPhone shots a natural look at times, so it’s definitely a step up from mark 1 , But it still falls slightly down in low-light shots, instead there is no dedicated night mode as it will automatically realize low-light and give you a 2 or 3 second exposure, but again the iPhone Compared to this, it can lag behind in white balance detail and dynamic range, when tricky lighting.

Ratio shots are just a window in the dynamic range, very honestly it looks like you get something from a $ 300 phone As for the video, Mark 2 can be shot at 30k to 4k for video but no 4k 60 or 8k unfortunately and not in HDRT mode is still limited to 1080p but side-by-side with iPhone here at 4k -Side and there is a clear difference in terms of brightness and vibrancy.

IPhone definitely looks more attractive and looking up in the sky you can use your handle or high Can see the light better. I can’t quite match the iPhone as I see it being stabilized. I also have some issues with Sony, some are getting very dark while filming and I am not able to fix even by tapping on the screen and trying to adjust the exposure and finally good light quality in front of us has an 8 megapixel selfie camera and the detail is solid, but it definitely struggles in low light or is getting exposed and too much detail is lost, so should you buy a Sony Xperia mark – well combined.

There is nationwide doubt that Sony's best phone

There is nationwide doubt that Sony’s best phone is a solid upgrade over the Mach 1 in years and has a lot to do with the headphone jack pro photo mode and 21 by 9k 4k screen, but it is very expensive and personally.

I really don’t think 4k adds the expense of not having a high refresh rate as a whole especially and that the camera is definitely an improvement and in good light it can take a great photo even though it still 4 is buying a competition in low light selfie and video.

I really like Mark 2 and I think you would probably have a better idea now if this is the phone for you, but I don’t think it’s particularly worth 1,100 pounds to me.

I think maybe Sony was a bit more aggressive if the pricing says It comes in at 900 pounds, so it would be very easy to recommend, but as always it is just my opinion that I would love to hear what you guys think – would you be tempted to buy it and you think you Use a lot from that 4k screen, let me know in the comments below.


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